Our Taste

Brit and I consider ourselves to be food enthusiasts. We enjoy savory food and want to keep track of the great places that we go. We are brave and try all different sorts of places. Anywhere from fancy dining all the way to hole in the wall gold mines, we agree that food is fun. Even though the scale does not agree with our food hobby, we are all about it. To remind our taste buds what we do and dont like we are starting this blog.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ToMs tacos

Toms taco is in Anaheim, California. It is the same as the all famous Titio's tacos in LA. ToMs is great because I don't have to deal with the drive or the traffic and it's only 5 minutes away from Aunt Kelli's. Their salsa is AMAZING! I normally like chunky salsa but this wins all the awards of best salsa! The chips are fresh and homemade. The tacos have the meat cooked inside of the taco then they stuff it with lettuce and cheese! Yum! You must try it!


I love these kiddos and they love INO!
Between stickers, hats and great food what's not to love?!
When we go we have to order 4 burgers
Zoey wants a hamburger everything on it but no cheese or pickles
Maggie gets a burger with no onion (she pulls the tomatoe out at some point and eats it because she loves it)
I get a double double with onion
Brit is always getting something different (chili, pickles, mustard, grilled onions, etc.
And there are never any leftovers.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lets just skip the bun

You know what, I am going to get fries with my Philly Cheesesteak anyway so I decided to skip the carbs on the bun and just get the Philly Fries, and guess what, OMG, that might be the second best decision I ever made. SO good, They use the cheez whiz on these and I will tell you why. The second try at these I had them use some white american cheese like I prefer on the sandwich and it just was not as good. It ended up a little to dry and did not spread nearly as well as the whiz. The whiz is a runny consistency from the start and on top of hot fries it melts around and gooes up the fries perfectly, with other real cheeses this gooeyness does not happen. And then there is the steak and onions on top which are just right and they serve cherry peppers on top with it. I do not get those on my sandy but on the fries they are great, adds some good heat, not too much and you can easily scoop a few off when you tire of them. Anyway they are terribly delicious.

PS They are getting to know me at Geno's and know my order on sight. Could be worse, right?

Stuffed Baker

Enough of Joe's Farm Grill already geesh. Ok, here is Joes Real BBQ! Joes Farm Grill is a sister restaraunt that followed what Joe did at his BarBQ. It is so good, for the BBQ I have tasted (some that have won BEST OF THE WEST awards) Joe's is my favorite. They have this stuffed Baker which is a monstrous baked Potatoe with your normal butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits and cheese and your favorite BBQ meat. I usually get the pulled pork but it great with any of them. Donna gets the Hot links usually. They put on unsauced meat and you get to decide how much you want and I was amazed the first time I had it how good BBQ sauce is on a baked potato. I stir it all up so I get a real diverse bite each time. DO NOT forget pickles on the side.

Fat Burger

Fat Burger is a great Hamburger chain. They have a very solid burger. The meat is good and cheese is delicious. And the kitchen is open so you can watch them cook it, I just love this, no I do not know why, i just do. But where they excel is the amount of toppings they offer. They have bacon, relish and pickles, chili, fried eggs, yes fried eggs, several size patties and will stack them as much as you want, so you could get a totally different burger almost anytime you go there. And it still stays very consistant. They also have fat fries like you get at a steakhouse and normal skinny fries and curley fries, you can get onion rings so for your sides thye have many options. They have turkey burgers and I think chicken patties too. They are mostly in Ca but afew years back they started to spread out to other locations. Give them a try.


Bar B Que-Bacon-Blu cheese-Burger or better known as 4b. One heck of a delicious Burger. This is from Joes Farm Grill, if the tin foil basket does not give it away. This is one off the best Burgers on the planet. Start with Joes usual local grown veggies and quality beef and buns like all their burgers and top it with Joes Bar B Q sauce, which is one of the best on the planet for the sweet smokey kick, add an onion ring with rosemary panko breading for a little savoryness, add Bacon for a big salty savory flavor and top it with some pungent strong Blue Cheese and you get this burger with delicious sweet-salty-savory-so delicious I could almost fall asleep mid burger and dream the best dreasm ever dreamed. It is that good. Side it with their deliciously salty fries and, well, i think you know by now. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Native New Yorker

I am guessing everywhere has the New Yorker moved there and opened a New York restaurant. Native New Yorker is one such here in AZ. Mostly they are Wings and a Bar but they have other fare too. I go there on Wednesdays cuz their strippers are half price, now hold on Donna, the strippers are breast strips lightly breaded and dipped in Buffalo wings sauce. Pretty much a bonelss wing. So much easier to eat. These however are Buffalo Style Chips. It is fresh fried potato chips smothered in blue cheese dressing, blue cheese crumbles and scallions. It is really an apatiser but as a side with some strippers it is a super delicious combo, hot and spicy wings with the cooling pungent flavors of these chips is a great winning flavor. Certainly worth a try, stop by and get some. They have many Valley locations.